Week One: Ellie

Last week, we were blessed to welcome Eloriah Stella Brock into our family.  This was my second c-section and it was a much better experience than my first.  When Isaac was born, I had seen him for a few minutes in the OR and then didn’t get to hold for over two hours.  This time, Ellie stayed in the OR with us after she was delivered and I held her almost immediately after being wheeled into the post-op room.

Isaac was never able to breastfeed and I ended up exclusively pumping for him for 10 months.  It was SO MUCH WORK and honestly one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.  I was anxious about how things would go this time but Ellie is breastfeeding beautifully and we have yet to wash a bottle or pump piece.  It is a huge answer to prayer.

Watching Isaac become a big brother has been incredibly sweet.  He has a gentle heart and really loves his baby sister.  He loves to “hold her tiny fingers” and gets giddy when he sees her in the mornings.

Ellie already has her Papa wrapped around her tiny fingers.  Rich is an amazing Papa and I am so blessed to walk through parenthood with him.

We are very tired but so happy and very thankful to be a family of four.


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Baby item we are loving this week: Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow .  I was fortunate enough to win this fantastic nursing pillow and I am loving using it.   Unlike a lot of other nursing pillows, it’s very firm (without being uncomfortably for the baby) so the baby doesn’t sink down while you are breastfeeding.  The inside curve of the pillow comfortably facilitates several nursing positions.   It’s been particularly helpful for me as my stomach is still quite sore after my c-section.  At $70 it’s a splurge but if you are a new mom looking for a comfortable, supportive nursing pillow, it’s worth it!

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Reply August 27, 2015

So happy for you and your beautiful, growing family! Those pictures are so precious (especially seeing the new siblings bond so well). Praying that you have a speedy recovery and a smooth adjustment as a family of 4 and your new roles. Love to all!

Lindsay Muhlbaier
Reply August 27, 2015

So happy to hear you and Ellie are off to a good start together!!! The sibling pictures are precious, too.

I just might take your advice on the ergobaby pillow...

Enjoy every precious moment!

Reply September 3, 2015

Meg! I cannot believe how good you look in your hospital photos. You're seriously one of the prettiest people I've ever met! No makeup, hours/days after a major surgery, you said you'd been throwing up... you look better than you felt, lol! Eloriah is beautiful, both your kids are! I am so happy to hear breastfeeding is going better this time... I cannot even imagine having to pump all the time. I HATE pumping, I give so much credit to moms who exclusively pump! Loved this little update. Can't wait for more :)

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