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As I mentioned in my post last week, breastfeeding with my firstborn didn’t go as I expected.  I planned on breastfeeding him for a full year and instead he was completely bottle fed.  Before he was born, I remember adding a pack of bottles to our registry and thinking, “We’ll probably hardly use these.” Little did I know we’d use every bottle we registered for and then some.

I’ve come to realize that regardless of whether you choose to use formula or breastfeed, it’s likely that at some point your baby will use a bottle. Ellie has breastfeed beautifully but has also used a bottle since she was a month old.  Without her taking a bottle, I would have struggled to go anywhere without being physically present with her (and as much as you love your new baby, sometimes mama needs a little time away!).


I love the bottles give Rich a chance to feed and bond with Ellie.

2016-05-20_002 2016-05-20_003

Before having kids, I had no idea that there were SO many bottle options available.  The first time I tried to create a baby registry I was so overwhelmed that left the store in tears and I’m pretty sure it was the bottle aisle that put me over the edge. Particularly as a first time mom, finding a bottle that works for you and your baby can be overwhelming.

With my two kids I’ve tried several brands of bottles and have realized that a great bottle helps eliminate gas and is easy to clean.  We’ve recently been using Nuby Natural Touch bottles and they are fantastic!  The SoftFlexTM breast size nipple makes it for easy a baby to latch on.  It’s a great option for breastfeeding moms as the nipple encourages natural action of breast feeding.  The valves in nipple help to reduce air ingestion, keeping your baby from getting gassy.  But my favorite part about these bottles is that they are so easy to clean! In the past, we’ve used bottles with way to many parts that took forever to wash.  Not feeling chained to my sink after each use is a huge plus! I wholeheartedly recommend these bottles which you can purchase at Babies R ‘Us here.


Bottles are also a lot of fun to play with when you are walking around Disney World!

2016-05-20_005 2016-05-20_006

And I am so excited to have the opportunity to give a set of these wonderful bottles away over on Instagram! If you’d like to win, head over to my Instagram account @megebrock! All you have to do is like the post to let me know you entered. (We check!), follow me @megebrock and head to @nubyusa to follow them!  Good luck!






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Reply May 23, 2016

My first experience in the bottle aisle was a TOTAL SHOCK! I was looking for a baby gift and was told she wanted bottles.................... OMG I ended up buying a gift card

Liked your instagram, and nubyusa (gmoney19511950

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