Traveling with small kids

Being an international family, traveling with our kids is a necessary part of our lives.  Our first family trip happened when Isaac was just four months old and we traveled from Bucks County, PA, to Cape Town, South Africa.  At the time I was exclusively pumping for Isaac and in addition to bringing along the usual items a baby needs, I had the challenge of making sure we’d have enough refrigerated breast milk, clean bottles, and pumping supplies for the 28 hour journey.

The trip had a few hiccups that included nearly all my pumped milk being confiscated by a TSA officer, a misplaced stroller, and a sprint through the Heathrow airport to catch a connecting flight. But we all arrived safely in Cape Town at our intended time with our belongings, so our I’d classify the trip as a success.

The experience made me realize that while it may seem intimidating, traveling with small kids is very possible.  Was it less convenient? Yes.  Did it require more planning? Yes. Was it more taxing? Yes.  But worth the effort? Absolutely.

Since that first trip with Isaac, as a family we’ve traveled back to Cape Town, visited Namibia, escaped to Florida, and gone hiking during the peak fall foliage at Shenandoah National Park.  We’ve introduced our kids to some gorgeous places and made some wonderful family memories.  As our kids grow, I can’t wait to keep discovering the world together.

This summer, if you are considering taking a trip with small kids, go for it! Traveling with small kids requires flexibility and realistic expectations (you never know when someone is going to pee their pants, need a snack, or start uncontrollably screaming), but if you can stay flexible, you can make some beautiful, lifelong memories.

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Lindsay Muhlbaier
Reply June 24, 2016

Meg! We were just making decisions about travel this week. Thanks for helping affirm my decision! We decided the baby and I will accompany Mike on his summer travels for his business, which will mean twenty plus hours of car travel with a five month old over about 11 days. I remember you traveling with Isaac as an infant, but after reading the details of your international travel I feel a little less crazy for saying yes to all of this!!! Now if only we could bring you along as our trip photographer ;)

    Reply June 27, 2016

    I'm sure you will have a memorable time Lindsay!! I wish I could be your trip photographer - that would be so fun :) One of these days we need together and meet each others children :) I hope you are all well!!

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