Finding The Perfect Sippy Cup

Ellie is 10 months old and starting assert her independence in many ways.  She’s pulling herself up, screams if you try to take an item from her hands, and loves to “feed” herself (this typically gets her a direct ticket to the bathtub).   She has also developed a deep affection for sippy cups and loves to hold and drink from them.


Living in an age with so many technological advances, you’d expect wonderfully designed sippy cups to be around every baby product corner. However, parents know this is not the case. When Isaac was a toddler, I struggled to find an awesome sippy cup until I came across a lovely little green cup from Oxotot.  I knew that Oxo made wonderful house ware and kitchen products but hadn’t realized they made products for babies and toddlers as well.   We bought the sippy cup and it was everything I’d been searching for.  It was easy to drink from, easy to clean, and it didn’t spill.  As a bonus, it had a beautiful design that was aesthetically pleasing. I’d basically discovered the holy grail of sippy cups.

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When it was time to get Ellie a sippy cup, I knew exactly where to look. I headed over to where I found their beautiful line of transition sippy cups that help babies go from the bottle or breast to a big kid cup.  For the past month, Ellie has been using the Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set.  My favorite feature of this cup is the sturdy cap covers that covers the spout which keeps it clean and prevents it from leaking.  I also love that the cup can be used in four different ways.  The handles are removable and the cup comes with a removable training lid that mimic grown-up cups.  When Ellie older, we can remove the training disk and it can be used as an open cup.  I LOVE baby products that grow with your child and this cup is a huge winner.

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If your child needs a cup that holds a bit more volume, make sure to check out the 9 oz Transitions Sippy Cup.   This cup has a valve is designed to be easy for liquid to flow when your little one is drinking, but is sealed tight when the cup is tipped, making it leakproof when it needs to be.  Its a great cup to have in your collection and perfect for toddlers.

The Oxotot Cleaning Set For Straw & Sippy Cups makes it easy to thoroughly clean every crevice of the sippy cups.  These lovely cups come in three colors: Apple Green, Aqua, and Pink.  I’m guessing that once you’ve used them, you will be buying one in each color.

We also have the Oxotot Sprout High Chair and Oxotot Roll Up Bib and I have been so pleased with every Oxotot product we’ve used.  They beautifully combine form and function and I’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out their entire line!

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April 18, 2016


Barbara Kenney
Reply June 30, 2016

Love these photos, Meg! We have Oxo tot cups for Will and love them. I'm going to check out the transitional cup for Hannah. The one she uses now spills quite a bit.

    Reply July 1, 2016

    Thanks Barbara! I think you will love the sippy cup!

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