Helpful Products For Moms Of Children Who Constantly Eat and A Nuby Miracle Mat Giveaway

If you ask me in September how I spent my summer, my answer will probably be, “I fed my children.” With my snack obsessed two-year-old and my I’ll-eat-anything-even-foam-crafts 11-month-old, someone always needs a meal or a snack. Some days I feel like I never leave my kitchen.

Earlier in the summer, Isaac’s snack obsession had gotten so bad that we went to the playground, he saw the snack bag in the stroller, and instead playing on the playground he stood next to the stroller trying to pilfer the snack bag. After that morning, I had to take covert measures when bringing the snack bag along on an outing.

Ellie isn’t a huge snacker yet but she LOVES to eat at mealtime.  If you say the word “food” she answers with an enthusiastic “hhhhmmmm,” and starts looking around for something to eat.  Some days I think she eats more than Isaac. She also loves to feed herself and has taken the concept of ‘messy eater” to a new level.  Everyday our kitchen floors get a fresh coat of food and I’ve stopped trying to clean it up between meals (keeping the clean floor with two little kids is like trying to untie a Gordian knot). If you ever stop over our house, please keep your expectations of kitchen cleanliness low.

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But THANK GOODNESS for amazing products that help make the life of the average-trying-to-keep-sanity-and-her-kids-well-fed-mama a little bit easier.  One product we have been loving is our Nuby Stackable Bowls and Long Handle Feeding Spoon Set. I don’t think we’d be making it through our summer of constant snacking without them. They are BPA free, have sturdy locking lids that don’t spill, and are easy to throw into a diaper or snack bag. They are perfectly sized for toddlers and Isaac loves eating from them. I love that they are a clean and convenient way to bring snacks everywhere were go.

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Two months ago when Ellie began attempting to feed herself, she started using the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat. The mat is a plate and placemat all in one with a non-slip base that sticks to flat surfaces.  It is ideal for babies who are just learning to eat and Ellie uses this mat at almost every meal. Unlike traditional bowls or plates (which she quickly sends flying to the ground), she’s never succeeded in knocking the mat off of her high chair.    She digs her little hands in and happily munches away. The Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat is 100% silicone, easily wipes clean, and is dishwasher safe.  It gives your baby a clean, secure surface to eat from at home or on the go.

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I am very excited to have the chance to give one of these wonderful mats away to a lucky parent.  To enter the contest, head over to my Instagram feed @megebrock and Nuby’s Instagram feed @nubyusa.  Best of luck! I hope you win!!



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